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February 08, 2014


About Just Like You...

Evan is a good guy with high aspirations, a mother who loves him unconditionally and the hottest boyfriend ever. Evan also has a secret he has to come clean about before he goes all the way.

Evan has to tell Blake he has HIV.

Blake is a member of Overton High's elite drumline and loves life, but he still hides his sexuality from everyone outside of his and Evan's little bubble. He's ready to have sex but not ready to be out.

How will Blake react? Will their love be strong or will their story come to an end?

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About The Real Story Safe Sex Project...

(By Brent Hartinger)
The Real Story Safe Sex Project is a new way to encourage safe sex among gay and bi male teenagers and twentysomethings.

HIV/AIDS is still a really serious disease, and gay and bi guys are at a very high (and rising) risk of catching it. But a lot of people don’t seem interested in talking about it anymore.

So the Real Story Safe Sex Project takes a new, hopefully more entertaining approach: remind people about HIV and safe sex using entertainment and popular culture, especially projects involving your favorite fictional gay and bi characters.


What kind of story are you eager to read?