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January 09, 2014



Freeing Stella - Being True Book 2 

(Transgender Young Adult)

Stella Marshall feels invisible to everyone but her sister Jessica and best friend Jenna. Thanks to their Friday night LGBTQ youth group meetings, she can be true to herself and cast aside the boy she was born as, Steven. The rest of the time, she locks herself away, because if her super conservative, Christian parents ever found out….

When her little sister admits to liking a girl as more than a friend, it becomes ten times harder for Stella to keep up the charade. She wants to stand by Jess and take some of the heat away, and that means coming out of the closet—even if it costs Stella her family and the girl of her dreams, Lillian Nelson. Unfortunately, it’s too frightening to give up the security of hiding behind Steven. But Stella knows she has to be brave, for herself and her sister.

ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-716-5
Pages: 112
Cover Artist: Allison Cassatta

Buy it from Dreamspinner Press (Harmony Ink)
Buy it from All Romance Ebooks

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