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February 05, 2013



It’s no big secret to anyone who knows me that I absolutely LOVE music. Music inspires everything I do. My life has a soundtrack, no kidding. Songs from the 80s remind me of summer days in the backyard, swimming in the pool. Songs from the 90s remind me of my friends from high school. Anyway, I think you kind of get the point.

So, it was sort of important to me to write a story surrounding something that calls to my heart almost as much as writing does.

Some of the greatest joys in my life come from watching musicians up on stage, doing what they do, performing for adoring fans—whether it is two or two-hundred. They put on a show for those of us who can’t do it or are too scared to do it. And one of the musicians I admire the most is a local singer/songwriter named Rod Henson. In a sense, he helped inspire this story. I’ve always loved watching Rod perform. He has so much presence on stage and so much talent, not to mention one hell of an amazing voice. His songs have inspired many, many of my stories.

I’ve left one of my favorite songs for your viewing pleasure.

Beyond the musical aspect of Love in the Spotlight, there’s another kind of bravery represented in that story, and that’s courage it takes to stand up and be who you are, to not fear what others think or say, and be true to yourself. It’s no secret that coming out isn’t easy, maybe it’s not as hard for some as it is for others, but it still takes a hell of a lot of bravery.

It’s my hope this story inspires a little courage, whether it’s to come out to friends and family, or to climb upon a stage and sing—or perform—your heart out. Whatever it is, do exactly what you love. Be brave.


Guess my favorite band and get a chance at winning Love in the Spotlight! All you have to do is email the answer to me at author@zoelynnebooks.com, and you’ll be entered to win! The winner will be announced on the post on Feb 17th, as well as emailed.

I’ll make this easy. Here’s a few hints….

1.)Danish rock band inspired by performers such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Social Distortion.
2.)Former speed metal band.
3.)Known for a fusion of punk, metal, and rockabilly.

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