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January 02, 2013

Love In The Spotlight

I'm proud to announce Zoe Lynne's first release! Coming from Silver Stream Press on February 16th, 2013.

~~~ THE BLURB ~~~

There's nothing in the world Steven won't do for his best friend Becca, including ditching his schoolwork just to escort her to some club so she can chase down her dream boy who happens to be the drummer in some kind of band. He didn't expect to set eyes on the most Godly creation under the stars, and sure didn't expect that gorgeous hunk of man with the voice of an angel.

A mutual love for pancakes and hot maple syrup--not that flavored crap--opens the door to a relationship Steven never expected to find when he agreed to go out with Becca that night. But will Thorne stand-up to his homophobic bandmates so he can finally find love?

What kind of story are you eager to read?