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October 22, 2012

Opening Day!

Welcome to the world of Zoe Lynne. I hope you find us both fun and entertaining.

I'm proud to say on our very first day, we've had over 100 likes on Facebook and more coming as the day winds down. There isn't a lot of content here right now because this is very new, but I'll share with you what we currently have in the works.

Allison has an M/M novella submitted to Silver Stream Press, the YA Imprint of Silver Publishing, who currently holds a few of her titles, and she's waiting to hear back on that. It's called "Love in the Spotlight" and it's about a boy who falls for the singer of a punk/rockabilly type band. No one in the band knows the singer is gay, and a mutual love for waffles and hot maple syrup brings the studious protagonist and hunky rockstar together.

We've begun the first book in a series tentatively titled "Secrets of Majestic Hills" and it's going to be a paranormal lesbian story. The working title is "That Witch!"

Allison will also be meeting with the teens of MAGY (Memphis Area Gay Youth) to get a feel for what young adults want to read. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us at: author@zoelynnebooks.com

Again, thanks for the support and please spread the word!

What kind of story are you eager to read?